a blog dedicated to the longest running male pop group in south korea shinhwa, made up of eric, minwoo, dongwan, hyesung, junjin, and andy. 19980424 until forever ♡
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     andy      shinhwa      jfc      i miss u      are u ok      what are u doing      you are everything good in this world      everything good should happen to you
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     shinhwa      dongwan      i'm alive!!!!


오늘 신혜성 대만 출국

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     perfect proportioned steve jung      shinhwa      hyesung
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     ot6      shinhwa      eric      minwoo      dongwan      hyesung      junjin      andy


Shinhwa’s “unique” brotherhood. Definition of best friends.

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     idiots      shinhwa      eric      minwoo      dongwan      hyesung      andy
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     shinhwa      minwoo      babe


140323 신화 16주년 콘써트 앤디


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     dongwan      damnit      shinhwa      shinhwaxvi


just no.


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     WHAT THE FUCK      shinhwa      eric      minwoo      dongwan      hyesung      junjin      shinhwaxvi
"we started with 6 people, and we’ll end with 6 people
Lee Minwoo
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     SOMEONE GET ME A BUCKET FOR MY TEARS      SDJKNFDSJFN      shinhwa      ot6      eric      minwoo      dongwan      hyesung      junjin      andy      shinhwaxvi